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A Collective is a joint venture of several companies with each an expertise in their domain. For each project we put together a team of experts . What we all have in common: we go the extra mile for our customers.

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Tons of combined experience fist

Tons of combined experience

65 people each with their experience. This ensures that we can put together a highly experienced team for you.

We listen to the needs of the customers and deploy the people with the most experience in this domain to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

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Lots of happy customers

Happy customers, that is what we strive for every day. Our solutions are designed to make it easier for people and ensure that they can focus on their core business every day.

We have been able to make a lot of customers happy in the meantime and many more will undoubtedly follow, because if our customers are happy, then so are we.

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Business process driven

Business process driven

It all starts with understanding the needs of a company. We define requirements, focus on continuous improvement, generate a user adoption strategy and assign realistic teams to drive the implementation.

We always keep in mind that every decision must fit within the strategy of a company and that the decision must be future proof.

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Focused on Microsoft stack

We choose to work with Microsoft Stack:

  • Proven partner in business applications
    • Active for a long time
    • World player
  • Strong cloud-first strategy with Azure
  • Strong integration between the different business applications
  • Nominated as “leader” at Gartner for many business applications
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Focused on Microsoft Stack
Locations in Bruges, Antwerp and Tielt - Globe

Located in Antwerp, Bruges, Halle, Tielt & Zemst

Arcade is an ambitious company from Bruges that specializes in Modern workplace, business processes, data & Automation

Ingenix is ​​the young driven West-Flemish software company that focuses on custom software, applications and apps developed using the Microsoft Stack.

Aximize-it from Halle brings business process management & Microsoft Dynamics development together to deliver high-quality customizations.

TWS is a company based in Tienen, founded in 1994 and specialized in total ICT solutions for the SME market

Finally, DAXperience is a growing Antwerp IT company with a lot of knowledge and experience in Dynamics 365 consultancy.

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