Does none of the standard applications completely fit the needs of your company? ? Do you need extra processes or applications to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness? Do your processes need to be smoother? And do you often think: "How is the company doing at the moment?" "Where are the companies bottlenecks?" "How can I improve a specific business cell?". Tailored software & data intelligence can be the solution for your company.

Software development

Sometimes none of the standard applications and apps out there provide just what you need. Certain businesses need to give out a competitive advantage, that lacks a standard ERP system. A  personalized or tailored application can suit your specific needs.

We can translate your challenge into a tailored solution using standard applications coupled to specific custom-made services, dedicated apps, and suited applications.

Instead of adding clicks, increasing interface complexity, or slowing down the current applications, it can be a relief to smoothen specific processes. Develop a new simple interface, add performant functions in a compact application dedicated to simplify and beautify your user experience.

The software doesn’t have to be an obligation. Add gamification to your company processes, challenge your co-workers, and make your processes more effective and more efficient!

Data intelligence

Control the company process data and gain insight into your enterprise. Data is the new gold, and it tells us a story. Prepping your data to start the set-up of reporting is very important.

To insights & reporting

A collective can help you in a few steps to a tailored environment

Steps tailored environment A Collective

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Process Automation

A Collective can help streamline, automate, and transform your processes.
Process Automation with forms, workflows, and custom mobile apps.

Why process automation

Collect – manage
data & files

Easy to automate
recurring tasks

Connect – integrate
with data sources &services

Create apps  that
transform your business

Citizen development (Power Platform)

Power Apps for more effiency

Power Apps

Mircosoft Power Apps allows transforming your manual business processes to digital and automated processes. Those low code applications are quick to build and van connect to online or on-premise data sources

Power Virtual Agents

  • Easily build bots
  • Automating common inquiries
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a service that helps you create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

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