You surely have a vision of where you want to go with your company, a growth strategy. Did you manage to capture it in a clear business case? How is this translated into your IT strategy? Is your existing IT landscape sufficiently supporting your business and future proof? Do you feel your IT investments are not returning enough value?

Strategy definition & implementation

A Collective believes in process-driven business solutions. This is why we think it’s important to understand your challenges and needs. We carefully listen and analyze your needs. We bring an overview of your current IT landscape by interviewing the stakeholders and find out what their challenges are. We come back with a strategy that focuses on your goals. For every goal, there are solutions and innovative ideas. And for every solution, we will provide the necessary tools and technologies. The tools and technologies need to support you in achieving your goal.

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Strategy definition & implementation A Collective

Business analysis

Understanding the needs of all of your departments is crucial.
Common challenges within those business units:

Salespeople are often on the road, and not being able to see earlier orders or revenue of a customer can be challenging.

In finance, the most common remark is how time-consuming reporting can be. Employees spend much time creating a rapport and can make errors. Do they still find the time to analyze those results and act on them?

In operations or production companies, we still hear about paper documents or complex manual processes.

Or what about manual documents for test results in research and development?

In Human resources, many processes are often not yet automated and are not compliant to regulatory standards.

Employees in companies are asking for purchases, but who needs to approve? And where can we buy it? Do we even know how much is purchased?

What about internal projects (services), are we still in budget?

In every business unit, there is room for improvement. Need help?

Why A Collective

Process definition

Process definition

By Analyzing your business and asking the right questions to the right people, we want to enable growth. A successful business runs on a constantly reviewed set of processes. Defining the process ensures you meet your company needs, but it also helps your company with strategic growth.

The solutions of A Collective are future-proof. A selection of solutions and automation will establish governed and scalable business processes. It also means employees can focus on their core business, and happy employees are the base of a growing company.

A collective can help you in a few steps to a process driven business strategy

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