Modern workplace: Collaboration, workforce productivity, and Security are the keywords. The modern workplace needs to meet the needs of both employees and employers. Wouldn't you like to have a secure and engaging workplace? What if you could increase your company's productivity and have a secure and engaging workplace all at once.

A Collective can help you create a secure and engaging workplace, and we’ll happily take care of the day to day management afterwards. In that way, you can stay focussed on what’s really important for your business. 


Remote collaboration equals the ability to engage as a team from anywhere.
To be able to collaborate as a team remote, you will need advanced workplace tools that facilitate collaboration.

A Collaboration tool needs to

Have a seamless integration
with your software solutions

Facilitate video
conferencing, chat, calls

Give you easy access
to internal resources

Enhanced functionality
(versions, workflows, permissions)

Have an intuitive interface
for user adoption

Enable collaboration
& communication

file-sharing system

Safe platform
with secure access

Workforce productivity

A modern workplace is a flexible and secure workplace where it’s possible to work from any place, at any time. Our solutions empower the employees to communicate, collaborate, and produce with agility. With modernized communications, your teams can meet the growing needs of your business across departments, locations, and time zones.


Modern desktop

The Modern Desktop, based on Microsoft 365 and with Windows 10, offers users the possibility to work from anywhere with simplicity and flexibility and allows IT professionals, to ensure security and compliance.

Virtual Desktop

By implementing a Virtual Desktop, meaning a desktop that isn’t physically inside the device, users always have virtual access to their information and their workspace, no matter what device they’re using.

Skilled Service Desk

Your end-users work more productively and efficiently when they are not being held up by IT problems. That’s where our skilled Service Desk can make the difference.

Network connectivity

Your network connectivity is the backbone you need. It’s the foundation your IT infrastructure is built on, and at the same time, it’s the glue that keeps your IT solutions together.

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure means more flexibility in acting on new innovations, more budget control, enhanced collaboration, and productivity. Microsoft Azure offers your company the possibility to securely build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centers.

Managed Service

We take care of your entire IT environment. We ensure all your IT building blocks are connected to each other. (Service is on a monthly basis)


Sharing and searchability

Cloud solutions have strong advantages – no need to invest in own datacenter infrastructure, maximal availability and flexibility – but they also raise new security challenges. Every new device is a new opportunity for cyber criminals to try to breach into your network. To protect your beloved data (‘the new gold’), A Collective provides you with the most advanced security solutions.

As prevention is better than cure, we monitor and manage your network 24/7. We prevent cyber-attacks like phishing, malware, ransomware,… We make sure all your employees can safely access every device. Anytime, anyplace.

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