Reporting challenges? Your teams spend loads of time creating dashboards in excel? Your company needs more insights? You would like insights on a detailed level? Your data is stored in different systems and platforms? Seems like your company could benefit from a noteworthy reporting tool like Microsoft Power BI.

Reporting with Microsoft Power BI – Get insights

Reporting tool Microsoft Power Bi

A Collective can help you make sense of your data through interactive, real-time dashboards and unlock the insights needed to drive your business forward. We can implement Power BI, which ensures accurate and real-time figures of your products, projects, or customers. The dashboard not only improves internal communication, but it allows your employees to find the data they need, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Microsoft Power BI collects and visualizes your figures. The relevant dashboarding provides insights down to the detailed level. And you can spend the time you save through automation on analyzes of those figures. In this way, people are busier with their core business.

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Advantages of Microsoft Power BI – Reporting tool

Industry leader by Gartner

Insights to action

Easy to integrate

User-friendly platform

Power BI – Report building

A Collective services:

Analyze & transform your data

Build Power BI reports

Train users


Why A Collective for Reporting

Extract – Transform – Load

Extract – Transform – Load reporting

In many cases, your data is stored in different systems and platforms. It is crucial that your data is centralized in one database system that is designed to hold this specific data. In this way, data becomes information.

A Collective can create procedures or packages to make this happen. Typically, this packages contains several steps and tasks which are executed, and the result is stored in the central database, mostly called a data warehouse.

This process gets the data from your operational systems and will transform the data into beneficial information. This operations are fundamentally for the next steps, such as reporting and analysis for daily based decisions but also management purposes.

SQL Server Optimization

The performance of your operational systems is one of the significant concerns in your organization. Most of the companies have different applications and databases, but sometimes one or more applications are acting too slow. When SQL Server is your database-platform, A Collective can do something for you to bring the performance to a better level.

We work in several steps:

SQL server optimization steps