Proud member of A Collective “DAXperience”
gives volunteer organization Tele-Dienst a new boost

We are very proud of the fact that DAXperience joined forces with volunteer organization Tele-Dienst. The collaboration offers Tele-Dienst new opportunities in their fight against poverty. “Our organization will work more efficient, which will make it possible to help people in poverty easier, faster and offer more precise help” emphasizes Chantal Hernould, chairman at Tele-Dienst.

Tele-dienst and Daxperience join forces

In a rich country like ours, poverty and social exclusion are still an everyday reality. Volunteer organizations such as Tele-Dienst try to do something about this but often run into practical limitations.

“We assist people with heavy financial problems, offer food packages, or are there for a good conversation in confidence,” says Louis Castelein, volunteer at Tele-Dienst.

“All these initiatives require a lot of planning and follow-up, which is not always easy. Those who are struggling in our society are usually more difficult to reach. To grow as an organization, it was necessary to further optimize our administration and processes. With DAXperience we found a partner who not only has the necessary expertise but was also willing to go along with the budget of a non-profit organization. ”

Important signal

DAXperience normally works for medium and large enterprises. The fact that the company decided to work together with a non-profit organization is therefore an important message.

“Today, personalized IT management and business optimization play a significant role in the efficient operation of any organization,” said Frederik Op de Beeck, managing partner at DAXperience. “In this case, that fact takes on a very human face. For us there was no doubt at all to take on this project. If you know with how much passion and enthusiasm Tele-Dienst commits themselves every day for people in difficult situations, you simply cannot refuse such an assignment. Everyone must have the opportunity to fully integrate and participate in our society. If we as an IT company can have any impact on this, it is our duty to cooperate. ”

Do you want to help out?

Tele-Dienst is not standing still, as witnessed by their continuous search for volunteers, sponsors and donations to further expand their activities. Are you interested? Or would you like more information? Take a look at