Lately, we have all become familiar with Microsoft Teams for meetings, chatting and sharing documents. But did you know you can also make phone calls with Teams? Why should you? See the benefits for both the employer and the employee in our vlog.

The benefits of making calls through Microsoft Teams

Employee benefits:

  • Only one tool needed: Microsoft Teams can be used for chat, meetings and phones, so you can focus on one single tool.
  • Availability Status: Microsoft Teams considers your schedule: meetings, scheduled work blocks, and out-of-home activities.
  • Calling from any location: Your Teams instance starts up and connects to the cloud, so you can efficiently work from home or any other place without needing a VPN connection.
  • Ability to reroute: You can take your cell phone on vacation. Your office number will be rerouted to a colleague or voicemail at that time so you can enjoy your free time.

Employer benefits:

  • No physical telephone system: No expensive maintenance contract for the telephone system
  • SAAS: Microsoft Teams runs in the cloud, which makes it scalable.
  • Phone numbers are transferable: Your phone number from your current phone system can be easily transferred. We have two solutions for that, either we transport your number to Microsoft, where Microsoft becomes your phone operator, or we link your existing phone operator to the Teams system in the cloud.
  • Budget-friendly and secure: Microsoft Teams is a budget-friendly and secure solution

Breakthrough teamwork tools

Microsoft Teams—the hub of teamwork within Office 365—can help your employees work together seamlessly. Microsoft Teams is built for teamwork, and for fostering a new level of creativity and collaboration within your business. Such a hub is possible. With scalability, app integration capabilities, ease of use, and automation at the forefront of the tools you use, you can create higher-performing teams that collaborate more effectively with their colleagues every day.

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Breakthrough teamwork tools

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Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork

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Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork

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