Modern workplace: Collaboration, functionality, and flexibility are the keywords . The modern workplace needs to meet the needs of both employees and employers. Employees have more devices at their disposal; data connections are fast and reliable; it should give them the necessary freedom to collaborate with anybody and work from anywhere. But is that the case? Is your structure set up in the right way? Do all employees use the same application? And do partners or customers use the same applications? Do you have access to all documents from any location? Or are many documents still not available in the cloud? And is remote work a struggle in your company?


Remote collaboration equals the ability to engage as a team from anywhere.
To be able to collaborate as a team remote, you will need advanced workplace tools that facilitate collaboration.

A Collaboration tool needs to

Have a seamless integration
with your software solutions

Facilitate video
conferencing, chat, calls

Give you easy access
to internal resources

Enhanced functionality
(versions, workflows, permissions)

Have an intuitive interface
for user adoption

Enable collaboration
& communication

file-sharing system

Safe platform
with secure access

Sharing & searchability

Sharing and searchability

There is a lot of knowledge and information available within your company or organization. Often the information cannot be found in one central place, and it does not reach the right people. Or maybe the employees can’t access those specific folders? Too often, this the reality for many companies.

Having a central platform to share information with employees is crucial. A portal, which consists of central applications, is integrated with the collaboration platform, and it facilitates a single sign-on experience. The portal will improve the experience and increase the productivity of employees.


Increased functionality

The key to success is the optimal and effective use of the tools. If the added value for the employees is unclear, chances are the solutions will not be used. If they do not use the new tools, then the investment has been wasted. That is why it is important to prepare employees for the planned change. Frame the solutions in the bigger picture of your business strategy and stress the added value.

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