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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and what are the different benefits

Business Central is Microsoft’s cloud ERP solution for small and medium-sized companies, which will actually support the standard business processes. Business Central offers many advantages: you always have the latest version, seamless integration with other office products, accessible & scalable.

Reporting within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you have various reporting solutions. You have a number of basic reports that are available out of the box and if you want to go one step further, you can link Business Central with Power BI. This allows us to actually analyze our data on multiple dimensions.

Tailoring your ERP solution to your company through configuration

Many business processes can already be perfectly tailored to your needs by means of configuration. We can also generate a lot of time savings through automation. In addition to out of the box solutions, Add-ons can also be offered. For instande OCR solution, a WMS system or a data collection system.

WMS (warehouse management solution) solution, linked to your ERP system

To get grip on your warehouse we implement a WMS solution. This app is available on an RF scanner. With which you will perform all your warehouse transactions based on barcodes. This app is directly linked to your ERP system. So all warehouse transactions are immediately available in your ERP system.
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