Your teams spend loads of time creating reports in excel, you aren't sure all data is accurate, and you need more insights about your company? Don't worry; many companies struggle with it. Data has been put into a certain system for years on end, and employees have developed their way of working, and it has resulted in a fragmented data store that is illegible for the new system. And in fact, what you need is automated reporting, a WatchGuard, and a way to manage internal projects.


Having a reporting tool that takes over manual labor is a must. It gives you:

Manage, standardize &
centralize data

High-level &
detailed insights

Access to your insights
from any device via the cloud

Sharing and searchability

Project management

Smoothly managing projects and document flows of your internal projects will have many benefits:

  • All documents stored in a central online platform that you can access from any location
  • Permission rights-managed automatically; no sensitive data gets into the wrong hands.
  • Standardized templates and automation project generation,


As an independent party, we keep control over the integration.

A collective can help you get insight and control

Get insight and control Steps A Collective

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