Hackers are becoming more advanced as they try to take our companies hostage. Remote working often implies more significant risks for your company’s IT environment. At the same time, the amount of phishing emails keeps on rising, as well as unwanted data breaches. Companies must protect their data, however, without disturbing the productivity of their employees. That’s why we believe in a modern and secure workplace. So why should you look at an external partner like A Collective for your cybersecurity?

A Collective as an external partner for cybersecurity, watch the vlog to find out why

First of all, Office 365 and other applications – and maybe even your servers – run in the cloud. There is an ongoing shift from perimeter security to identity security. Today it is no longer sufficient to put a firewall in front of your environment to keep you secure. We have to protect all the employees individually, wherever they may be working, see if they are at risk and train them when necessary.

Within security, we often see companies that only tackle the problem when it occurs. But that isn’t a good strategy. You need a roadmap. We developed a fifteen-point plan that guides you towards a secure and modern environment. Ready to take on the next steps, and with knowledge of the risks that can come ahead, we will continuously be waking over your IT-security.

The difference with an external partner that monitors your security is the focus. While your internal IT will always be business-driven, an external partner as A Collective can guarantee a safe IT environment.

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We will handle proactively, making sure all possible threats are treated with the same continuous focus. If not, it is an enormous risk.

Secondly, budget is another reason for working with an external IT partner. We can submit a plan and add a predictable budget to it.

Finally: expertise. Cybersecurity is a challenging task. Your internal IT team will have to support the business daily and they will know the company inside out. However, they will never find the right time to go into weekly cybersecurity training to stay on top of the new threats and challenges. This part is better to be looked after by experts.

Are you not convinced yet?

Download our 15 step plan with free advice to level up your security. We will guide you to achieve your goal within cybersecurity successfully.

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