Custom development for your company? Do you have gaps in existing software? Looking for a suitable solution for your specific company needs? Then you might be in need of custom solution.

(ERP) Software development

ERP Software development

Tailor-made software is useful in every organization for every user. Particular preferences and needs are mapped out and implemented. Software fit for your company fills the gaps present in existing software packages. It’s easier to expand existing software applications with custom made functionality than divert to commercial of the shelf software solutions.

 Custom software can help with:

Improve customer service

Provide greater efficiency

Provide the most well-targeted service improvement

A Collective can translate your challenge and search for the most suited solution for your specific situation.

Why A Collective

Responsive apps

It is important that your company adapts continuously to stay ahead of the competition. Your IT department must be ready to support the company. Your software must guarantee flexibility and quality. Software development must be agile.

A dedicated app enables companies to implement small independent pieces of functionality. These apps can swap data with existing systems in the corporation. Your company’s app offers more features than your website.

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Business process driven

Building apps using responsive web platforms have advantages:

Easier to learn
the technology

to develop

One App, deploy to
many platforms & devices


ERP Software development

Developing microservices started as a software development technique. It’s ranking applications, apps, jobs, and other software components into loosely coupled services. It’s lightweight and easy to comprehend. It’s all about “Doing one thing and doing it well.” Shift the focus to the task at hand without all the bells and whistles.

It’s all about modularity, scalability, distribution, and integration. Modular services are easier to understand, develop, test and maintain. Scalable is a great feature when you’re implementing services independently of each other. The workload is better managed and spread out across all available services, and by doing so, performance improved. Integrating services one-by-one with an existing monolithic software system is a viable mean for modernizing the software infrastructure. It’s perfect in an agile approach since software modernization of legacy applications is done in an incremental approach.