In this vlog, we tell you what you can do with the cloud platform of Azure. We will also briefly go into depth to explain the added value of the Azure functions.

Azure Cloud platform

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform makes it possible to migrate the physical servers within your company to the cloud. Azure offers a very wide range of various services.

A major advantage why you as an organization would choose the Azure cloud platform is the exceptionally low entry threshold. In addition, you no longer have to update and maintain the infrastructure yourself. Each service is immediately available and is always tailored to your company.

Because the services are geographically always as close as possible to the end user, this entails a very important benefit such as guaranteed minimal latency. Every service within Azure is scalable to the resources you need at that moment.

Azure Services
Azure Function
Azure Durable Functions

Azure Functions /
Azure serverless computing

The Azure service that we will highlight during this vlog is the Azure Function. Find out what the direct benefits are for your organization while using this service. First of all, Azure Functions will allow your IT team to write less code, maintain almost no infrastructure and save directly on costs.

An Azure Function is simply a separate piece of logic that is developed once. Everyone within the different ICT teams can reuse this without taking into account the underlying code and language.

The real added value naturally emerges in the complex use cases. In this way you can easily process challenging logic with a lot of data and computing power.

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