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Microsoft stack – business applications

DMS Systeem

Collaborate & organize documents

Companies keep getting more information to process, which makes it increasingly difficult to keep an overview. There is a need for a Document management system to store, archive & share documents in a structured manner.

Share, organize and discover data
Microsoft Sharepoint as an online document and collaboration platform that helps store and centralize information.

Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration with your colleagues and customers. The perfect addition to Microsoft Onenote and Office.

Communicate and integrate
Integrate Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint in your company eco system. Link your collaboration systems in your applications to increase transparency and enrich communication.

DMS in your company

ERP Systeem

Plan your resources

With Enterprise Resource Planning, you can maximize the productivity of your company, control costs and optimally meet customer needs.

ERP Systems
Microsoft Business Central is an ERP System (formerly NAV or Navision) built for small and medium-sized organizations.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (formerly Dynamics AX) is an ERP-system for large organizations and is equipped to support large and fast-growing organizations dealing with end-to-end operations (distribution, retail, production, etc.) and complex business processes.

Process extensions
Tailor applications and extend your core ERP functionality to further increase process effectiveness and efficiency. Increase user adoption and flexibility while maintaining the core ERP implementation.

Manage your resources

Manage your customers with the right tools

Companies process a lot of data and without a solid system, you will quickly get lost in this. Customer Relationship Management helps your company manage your customer data.

Automate your sales process 
Microsoft Dynamics for Sales is a CRM system, that keeps customer data up-to-date. You can track every contact with your customers and manage customer accounts & leads.

Microsoft also has the right tools to help your company with marketing automation & CS: Microsoft Dynamics for marketing &  for customer service.

Integrate your data 
Interface current applications to link with your CRM system. Business partners, contacts, addresses & deals can be communicated to your CRM system or to other enterprise applications. Keep masterdata aligned.

CRM in your company

Get insights with Microsoft Power BI

Building manual charts and creating reports is extremely time-consuming. Automating data visualization ensures that your employees can focus on their core business. Data overview and gaining insights is crucial for every company.

Reporting tool for visualizing data

With Microsoft Power BI, different types of data can be combined to display management information in a visual dashboard.

From data to insights and from insights to action with Microsoft Power Platform and combine Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate to easily develop business applications and automate workflows.

Get insights for your company
Power Bi reporting

Custom development

ERP Software development

(ERP) Software development

Tailor-made software fit for your company to fill the gaps in existing software packages. A Collective can translate your challenge and search for the most suited solution for your specific situation.

Responsive Apps

dedicated app enables companies to implement small independent pieces of functionality. These apps can swap data with existing systems in the corporation. Your company’s app offers more features than your website.


Developing microservices started as a software development technique. It’s ranking applications, apps, jobs, and other software components into loosely coupled services.

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